Peerparty is a publishing platform where organizations, collectives, parties and communities are invited to curate a week long set of discussion threads online.

2020.04 - Hackers & Designers

Hackers & Designers (H&D) curated 11 statements for the first ever Peerparty. H&D is a collective based in Amsterdam and focused on community building and education, as well as how technology is designed and functions in communal and societal contexts. The friendliness to experimental platforms in this framing, made H&D a natural choice for the first pilot Peerparty.

The 11 statements curated by H&D specifically for the participation of their cooperative members centered around the meta topic of collective functions. These functions execute on subjects such as hierarchics, project and collective based labor, membership, learning and unlearning, and collective goals.

The discussion was hosted asynchronously online by Peerparty for one week (2020.04.08 - 2020.04.15). All members of the H&D collective received personal invitations, platform credentials, as well as Peerparty currency to fuel the interaction on the platform.

H&D enjoyed 5 moments of cooperative consensus during the week.

Many thanks to Hackers & Designers for their openness and willingness to particpate and help with this first pilot discussion on the platform. The learnings from the experience on how to improve the platform for the coming pilots are extremely valuable, and some of the improvements have already found their way into the Peerparty system.

I'm very much looking forward to the future pilots, and hope to see the members of the H&D cooperative participating further in future discussions.

2020.04.19 - JBG

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