Peerparty is a publishing platform where organizations, collectives, parties and communities are invited to curate a week long set of discussion threads online.

We just finished the Peerparty with Hackers & Designers!



Peerparty aims to address current polarizing online discourse in our society by exposing moments of consensus in conversations on complicated subjects online. Consensus is an alternative to traditional majority wins democracy in threaded conversation (think: Reddit, Dig, YC's hacker news, etc.), up votes/down votes, where the most popular opinion is always on top, and distancing yourself as much and as dramatically as possible in from other comments is rewarded. This has created incredible divisiveness online. It is interesting to focus on moments where everyone agrees with one another, and bring those comments to the top.

The goal is not to reach consensus on a given statement, but rather uncover moments of agreement in conversation. One may never agree that "the earth is flat", but in discussion uncover that all participants agree "the way in which scientific information is shared with the general public could be improved".

Below is a link to example statements as they may appear in the app.

Example Statements

Discussions happen in comment thread fashion. Not unlike other popular platforms with exception being, moments of consensus appear as links on the top of the thread, which link to the context of the comment.

Example Thread




The participation on Peerparty platform is anonymous. The platform aims to remove elements human bias to facilitate an open and honest discussion.

The platform is built on a private Ethereum blockchain. Every participant is granted free currancy to fund their own participation on the platform.

Interested in curating a peerparty, or saying hello: Send an email!

Peerparty is a project developed by James Bryan Graves.

All code produced by Peerparty is open source and available online.

Peerparty is based in Amsterdam at the community project space Pubkey.